About Brittany J. Webb

About Brittany J. Webb

My name is Brittany J. Webb I am the Founder and CEO of Britt's Bikini and Swimwear and BBSW SKIN. I started Britt's Bikini and Swimwear, March 2020 and have not looked back ever since. A little background about me, I love Science! I decided to do my own research about the skin and how I could help others who either face hyperpigmentation or people who suffer from eczema/dry patches.

With grasping information being in Anatomy & Physiology, I happen to pay more attention to the biggest organ, which is known as the skin. For some odd reason, that caught my attention way more than muscles, ligaments and bones. Some may call me a nerd because I am always doing research about Human Anatomy; and, trying to figure out ways to help others with skin conditions.

Another thing I love is fashion. I’ve had an eye for fashion since 2009. I worked for an high end retail company, which motivated me to start my own business. With that being said, I am big in customer service and making my clients feel comfortable.

Brittany described in four words: hard working, independent, a perfectionalist and a boss. I hope all of my lovely ladies enjoy their swimsuits and my men enjoy their whipped body butters. I am looking forward to hearing from each and everyone of you. 


- Brittany J. Webb

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